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Duval Street

Experience the True Flavors of Key West

A promenade through the heart of downtown Key West, Duval Street is a colorful shopping, dining, and nightlife destination. Grab a cocktail just like Hemingway in legendary haunts like Sloppy Joe's and Captain Tony's.


  • How long is Duval Street?
    Duval Street is just over 1.25 miles in length. Named after William Pope Duval, this street is lined with vibrant shops, restaurants, clubs, galleries, cafes, and other interesting attractions.
  • What is Duval Street famous for?
    Duval Street is considered the party epicenter of Key West and is also called the island's main drag. It is dotted with pubs, bars, outdoor cafes, restaurants, and live music. Visitors to Key West can experience the best of its world-famous nightlife in Duval Street.