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Key West - Florida
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Explore uncharted territory on tortuga island

Cruise in style aboard a high-speed ferry to a beautiful destination just 70 miles from Key West. Step onto the soft sands of the Dry Tortugas island chain and feel like Robinson Caruso as you explore this uninhabited paradise. Explore Fort Jefferson, once used as a prison during the Civil War. Snorkel in the crystal clear waters. Lounge on secluded white sand beaches. Bring binoculars and catch a glimpse of one of the nearly 300 species of birds spotted here, like ruby-throated hummingbirds, peregrine falcons and yellow billed cuckoos. Plan an overnight trip and sleep under the stars, with the gentle rhythm of the ocean lulling you to sleep. There is something for everyone at this island paradise.



  • Fort Jefferson Tour
  • Audubon Birding Visits
  • Dry Tortugas Museum


  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming
  • Historic Tours
  • Birding
  • Beach
  • Exploring 


  • Can I go fishing? Where are good places to go?

    Fishing is allowed from the shores of the Dry Tortugas islands, but you must have a valid State of Florida salt water license. You must purchase one before you board the ferry. There are some areas where fishing is prohibited, including the moat, moat wall and within 300 feet of the moat wall; from vessels moored at the Garden Key Dock; the helicopter pad area and the North and South Beaches.
  • Where does the ferry depart from key West?

    The Yankee Freedom III departs from the Key West Ferry Terminal, 100 Grinnell Street in the Historic Seaport. Convenient parking can be found at the City Parking Garage on Grinnell Street across the corner from the Ferry Terminal. 

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